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These Audio Clips Cut Straight To The Solos

Listen to the full Albums on Spotify/Apple Music

Watch the full-length videos here.  Choose Full-Screen & HD!

Watch the full-length videos here.  Choose Full-Screen & HD!
We don't have any videos of this program (yet...) but here are some PDF's of my transcriptions of exactly what Piazzolla played on the particular recordings I referenced for the arrangements on this album.  I took some liberties with the solos, so these are just an approximation of what you'll hear, but this will be enough to get you started if you'd like to try playing along.
La Muerte del Angel
Rebelión will be remastered & available on Spotify & Apple Music soon.
In the meantime, you can listen to the full album here
(in WAV files) for FREE.  It sounds much better!
I've never actually had the pleasure of performing "Poopy Pants Blues" live with a trumpet section before. Perhaps you'll beat me to it... If so, let me know!
Here's the score:
Poopy Pants Blues screenshot.png
When a very inspiring friend of mine from "Blast!", Mike Welch, became paralyzed in an accident, cast members contributed tracks for a compilation album that we sold as a fundraiser for Mike's medical costs. 
I produced the album, and these are the two tracks that I made for the project.
Read the Liner Notes for
Warrior Dance
Here's the PDF Solo Part for
“FRIGHT of the Bumblebee”
Bumblebee screenshot.png
Here are some songs I've recorded with other ensembles over the years, with links to Spotify & Apple Music.
And lastly, here are a few particularly fond memories from the archives
La Almeja Pequeña​
00:00 / 01:27
In 2007, Gordon Goodwin & The Big Phat Band held a contest, and the winner of each instrument category would “Appear on an album with the Big That Band!” or something like that. I only found out with a few days left in the final week of the competition, so I rushed out this recording on my lunch break, playing into the closet in my hotel room in Japan.  A huge wave of votes gave me a last minute, out-of-nowhere boost into the finals, where Gordon and Wayne Bergeron chose my solo as the “Big Phat Winner”.  That amounted to this exact clip being buried in the “Extras” section of their DVD, “Act Your Age”.  yay.  Maybe next time?...
Rhumb Line Closer
00:00 / 05:44
January 30th, 2008.  All packed in at the Rhumb Line, a hole-in-the-wall tavern by the sea in Gloucester, Massachusetts; the same town where Mike Tucker (Tenor Sax) and I played our first quintet gigs together at age 14. On a rare visit back home, amongst musical family, I had a lot to let out this night; some much-needed, impromptu primal therapy.  This was the final solo of the night, and my last chance to work it out in this energized, anything-goes environment.  It did work - I felt much better afterward. ;-)  Thankfully there was a ZOOM recorder there to capture the moment.  I really miss these guys!


Mike Tucker: Tenor Sax  |  Jeff Lockhart: Guitar |  Ben Zecker: Piano  |   Nate Edgar: Bass |  Peter McClain: Drums

Is There An Echo In Here?
00:00 / 03:09

In 2003, I was in a ‘Blast!’ sequel called CyberJam in London.  There was an unaccompanied trumpet solo where I used the “Echo Chamber” effect, pumping through the theatre in surround sound!  The first time I ever got to test out the effect was exhilarating!  I tried out different shapes, tonalities, extended techniques, played rhythmic games, quoted Bill Chase, because; and actually stumbled upon some pretty cool stuff.  Spontaneous art made of psychedelic, rhythmic trails on my every note?  YES, PLEASE!  That first time felt magical; so much power and potential.


It was just me, the sound engineer and a stage manager, on our lunch break, so I only played for a few minutes.  Mission accomplished.  Later on, the engineer handed me a CD-R… Surprise!  He recorded it!!!  And I’m so grateful he did.  This was a memorable moment during a really special time in my life, with the greatest cast you’ve never heard of; the greatest ‘Blast!’ cast of them all.  Such a pity all those stars aligned before the dawn of smart phones and social media...🥺 

🎉  WOW!  You made it to the end! ✨ 

Thanks for caring that much!


Lots more in the pipeline.  Stay tuned!

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